SapphireXR Patch - New scripting functions & various bug-fixes

* Fixed issue with editing materials of different meshes via mesh index selector in top right of materials list in Object, Avatar & Vehicle editor modes
* Added scripting functions SetLightValues, SetPivotPoint, MakeMagnetic & SetMagneticForce
* Fixed various issues with runtime debugger
* Fixed a bug where the Take Snapshot/photo button when pressed was causing the whole player menu to disappear
* Fixed several bugs causing override materials to not fully load on avatars, vehicles, scene objects, clothing, etc sometimes all but sometimes just 1 or 2 etc, now they all load async
* Fixed bug with chat box justification

SapphireXR Patch - Looking Glass

* Added experimental HDRP support with volmetric fog, raytracing, better skybox mapping process, better lighting, realistic reflections for any materials you want on scene objects, clothing, vehicles, avatars etc.
* Converted/upgraded all current shaders to ShaderGraph, updated "Standard Shader" with a new custom shader graph version of PBR to deal with metalness/raytracing a bit more resourcefully
* Fixed snapshot/photo taking bug causing side panel menu to disappear when clicking the button
* Fixed bug with debugger details popup pane
* Fixed bug with avatar clothing not syncing with the body for remote players after HDRP update
* Fixed bug with scene title disappearing on chat window title via runtime sceneloader
* Fixed bug with metalness not saving as well as about 10 other various UI bugs with material editing in general for all content types
* Fixed bug with color pickers not working in various editor panels/settings dialogs
* Fixed bug with mandibles not working on remote avatars after render engine changes
* Fixed various bugs with skybox editing/selecting in scene editor and skybox editor panel
* Fixed bug with MeshIDX selector and not being able to scroll thru available textures in various material editing dialogs
* Converted lighting system to LUX values in various parts of the code and UI to work correctly with HDRP
* Fixed various bugs with toast notification system on backend

SapphireXR Patch - Core Essentials

* Added experimental closed captioning support for voice channels. Users can turn their own CC on and off but others cannot control others. Captions are realtime, others can see them too, and show up above your avatar when enabled. You DO have to enable speech recognition and be running on Win8.1 - Win10 for the game client to be able to translate your voice to text at this time.
* Grabbable + Sitpoint, second person click bugfix
* StrafeToggle bugfix, now forced off when in desktop mode
* Banned users should not be able to login to marketplace, show "Account Suspended" like a password error if they are banned in the system
* StationaryTurnSpeed adjustments to player controller
* Accept/send friend request bugfix
* Friend list problem constantly updating issue, bugfix, issue might be resolved but still unsure at this time
* Fixed bug with material editing on vehicles
* Bugfix, texture overrides for scene objects were not saving, bug fix on texture selector/material editing for scene objects, avatars, outfits, and vehicles -- for issue that was preventing them from all working correctly after an endpoint format change
* Scene settings - skybox/fog wasn't updating everytime selection is changed without needing to save/reload first
* Alterations to the object mover/rotator/scaler gizmo in scene editor thinner/smaller
* Increased draw distance on sceneeditor camera
* Made UI more scalable based on resolution
* Made Friendslist / Chat list resizable and repositionable, no memory on these panels yet, similar style coming soon in the editor side of things

SapphireXR Patch - Misc

* Adjusted main desktop mode camera lens to give better results when inside buildings or enclosures
* Fixed progressbar overload bug on scene loader
* Fixed bug with material editing on vehicles after the second vehicle+ was opened
* Fixed friend list updating mechanism bug
* Fixed bug with accept/send friend request mechanism
* Adjusted desktop turnspeeds for player movement
* Fixed issue, banned users can no longer log into or use the marketplace
* Fixed db xref bug on user's store front page
* Fixed issue of flying vertically too fast when using VR controls
* Added controller origin settings (3-way switch) in VR menu to raise/lower hands/controllers as needed
* Fixed collision bug with grabbable scene objects colliding with player causing erratic movement
* Fixed a bug with spotlight attachments on a mesh with no children not attaching correctly at runtime
* Added ability to delete a light/sitpoint on a child mesh in scene editor

Open/public alpha started today, anyone can sign up and try out the game client now and the marketplace is now live, sapphire dollars can now be purchased and earned ones can be cashed out via paypal system

Here are some of the new features we plan to develop into SapphireXR in the next phases of development

Custom Avatar Generator system (Human)
SharedWebBrowser system object (Chromium/ZF)
StreamingRadio system object
StreamingVideo (HLS) system object
Special scripting functions for pets/breedable systems
Special scripting functions and other misc integration for skilled gaming systems/worlds
Viewing Worlds Directory while in world, Portal Dropping in worlds with scene setting
Flipbook shader + script control functions for scene objects
Billboard shader
Foilage+Wind shader
Enhancements to clothing adjustment system
Volumetric Video
Global camera draw distance scene setting
Grouping sceneobjects + properties in scene editor and saving as one inventory item
Expose public script variable values as properties in scene editor
Adjust default object properties (transform p/r/s, script, physics, etc) in object editor
Terrain/Mesh deformer in scene editor (only modifies instance of object in scene)
Scene Instancing/Avbro
Custom Collisions (invisible) in scene editor
Trigger volumes
Voice-to-text/closed captioning style UI overlay for desktop view, optional with on/off toggle in settings
Post processing effects in scene settings
Scripting functions for applying/altering post processing effects at runtime for local user

SapphireXR Patch - Misc

* In scene edit panel/mode, Ctrl+C while an entry in the SceneObjects list is selected will Clone it along with the original objects properties
* F4 freecam mode while in world and not in VR is now available, F4 toggles it on/off, arrows/wasd moves the camera around the scene, shift will increase the movement speed, and moving the mouse while holding button down will rotate its axis
* Fixed bug with F4 cam skybox not getting set correctly
* Added search for worlds tab in main menu/worlds directory
* Added ability to upload an avatar via marketplace/settings (logged in) and will show in game client on friends list/nearby, etc. - avatar profile pics will be used in more areas of the game client in the near future such as chat entries, etc.
* Send gift button via friends list now works
* Added account ledger, point exchange, areas in "My account" in marketplace settings (click your username while logged in); Buying Sapphire Dollars, Cashing them out to USD, and ledger system now fully functional
* Added directional light intensity and tint properties in scene settings dialog
* Added OwnerOnly property for scene objects/YTMedia objects in scenes, if enabled for YTMedia screens, only scene owner can control it/play videos with the /video command; If enabled on a Grabbable scene object or one with a SitPoint on it, only owner can Grab it or Sit on the object

SapphireXR Patch - Misc

* In friend's list/desktop view, TP to user button was non-functional, now works
* Fixed syncing issue with YTPlayer system
* Added mouse orbit view controller to vehicle, clothing article, particle sys, and script editor panels
* Ctrl+D while in world now shows/hides a debug console window
* Fixed another issue with jumping
* Fixed bug with accept friend request button
* Driver of vehicle (whoever spawned it) can now press spacebar or the jump button in VR while driving a vehicle to 'flip' it back to 0,0,0,0 rotation incase they get stuck upside down from driving into things as ramps etc
* Added in-game roadblock to joining ADULT rated worlds if the user does not have any payment-info on file (has used/verified with a credit/debit card before via marketplace)
* Updater/patcher circumvention blocking - any launch of an out of date game client will no longer work - please use the updater/patcher before loading
* Texture scrolling was not working on avatar/clothing materials while doing an emote, now fixed
* Particle systems now have ability to select a couple of different shaders and texture for particle definitions via editor panel
* Basefloor is now a system object that can be re-added to scene
* Updates to marketplace system, My Account area now functional, fixed public/private item toggle bug while editing a store item, /stores/username now shows the users store properly instead of a blank page, adult/pg toggle for marketplace items added, delete/trash button on "Edit Listings" tab of my account added with confirmation dialog, search bar added to marketplace header
* Added memory to scene camera to when you save a scene it will leave/remember the last camera position/rotation it was at when the scene was last saved (local only)
* Fixed several bugs with vehicle system, collision of vehicle mesh was getting in the way of the sitpoint adjustment helpers, seat #4 was being translated incorrectly after reloading saved sitpoint data in the editor panel
* Added vehicle property "Hitch" -- it allows you to hitch another vehicle to the first one, total chain cuts off at 4 vehicles total and uses hinge joints so that we can now do things lay parade floats, hayrides, pull intertubes behinds boats, have multi-cart trains that bend in between carts, etc.
* Object editor properties box was not anchored correctly, now fixed
* Fixed bug with audio out indicator not lighting up red or green when entering a world until toggled

SapphireXR Patch - Misc

* Adult/PG rating indicators added to scene listing tiles
* Payment/cc on file indicator added to desktop UI, if it is red, no card on file, if it is green then there is. Users will be allowed to join adult worlds only if they have bought points/coins before with a valid credit card
* Added ability to attach 1 script to the scene itself in the case the creator wants the scene to spawn something every so often in the update() loop, they will only spawn one not one for every player in the room because scripts run locally on players client, there must be one place at least to put a script that runs on the server, mostly will be used for synced spawning purposes
* Fixed a few issues with material editing, clicking the choosen texture or clicking apply wasn't always working correctly
* Fixed bug with script activated SFX still playing when game client is muted, and volume was not being set based on player setting for Sound Effects in volume mixer
* Reskinned UI editor dialogs/windows
* Added EDIT button on scene selector button in scene editor panel instead of having to click the whole tile it is now an EDIT button
* Fixed bug when leaving dialog popup (settings menu) open while exiting a world
* We now show the points/coins balance for the user in the game client (Gift vs. Cashable balance)
* Added ability to modify vehicle materials in vehicle editor
* Added ability to modify avatar materials in avatar editor
* Fixed camera orbit issue in vehicle editor
* Fixed issues with sitpoint movers in vehicle editor
* Fixed bug when joining a world and others are doing emotes when we join sometimes their clothing would be out of sync with their body or not show up at all
* Fixed issue where setting scrolling in a material via any shader on objects was not working with meshes with bones/animated
* Fixed bug where when joining a world where people are sitting in a vehicle or sitting on a sitpoint when you join, they appeared to be standing in their seats
* Added mouse orbit to avatar editor panel

SapphireXR Patch - Misc

* Fixed a bug where Oculus users controllers were not working at all with the game client
* Added scripting function/ability to read specific spectrum analysis data values of audio if there is a YTPlayer active in the scene, script function for changing scene object, or child objects of scene objects scale
* Added an extra layer of network security into the game client and server software, a handshaking mechanism for all data being transmitted to and from the game client <> server
* Added a starter toast notification system with ability to add more types of notifications triggered locally and remotely from the server for any kind of events/data we want, more types of notifications to be added soon
* Added ability to select a script on a vehicle and also sell it with that script on it too..
* Fixed bug when loading into a scene your own outfit is out of sync from the body just slightly with the default starting idle animation
* Fixed bug where clothing animation is not in sync with avatar animation by a few hundred ms when jumping
* Fixed bug where audio output device was being reset to the wrong one when loading into a scene
* Fixed more bugs with all 3 types of sitpoints after adding player room center offset support to all 3 of those classes
* In editor panels, added "Saving.." and "Saved.." toast dialog with information that show up so we know when its okay to leave the panel and that our stuff was finished saving over to the server
* Fixed a bug where user would very slowly float down from spawn point if it isn't directly on the ground when joining a world

SapphireXR Patch - Misc

* In world VR menu system added
* HUDs now auto fill up to 3 or so 'spots' for DESKTOP and 6 on VR in-world menu (press right B button show/hide menu, right A button button for laser on/off, and right trigger for clicking things you have the laser pointed at
* Added ability to favorite/recall worlds via scene directory on main menu
* WASD/Arrows/VR walking logic cleaned up
* VR IK system total rework, now includes player position in playarea and uses as offset for player avatar/collider/etc thru all action types (sitting, idle, flying, driving, etc) and elbow poles adjusted
* Added VR controls for flying (right toggle click, and stop flying button in vr menu), also applies for when driving a flying vehicle (use stand button to exit still)
* Swapped a few VR controller mappings and added some more
* Mic/Audio/HMD on/off buttons added to main menu for desktop and in VR menu mode too
* VR teleport glitchy bugfix
* Async scene loading visually Desktop & VR and now gives detailed feedback about the loading process
* Added camera zoom in out & rotate controls for VR - left thumbstick movement & toggle
* Shift + walk no change speed bugfix
* Can now use laser pointer in VR mode to click clickable objects
* Fonts bolder/bigger in main menu stuff was difficult to see in VR
* Async scene directory thumbnail loading to prevent VR cam freeze ups
* Fixed engine speed pitch issues for when first spawning vehicle
* Fixed bug where you could sit on a sitpoint/drivepoint while avatar is flying causing a bug
* Added SteamVR input profile for Oculus Touch
* Un-sitting float bugfix
* Refresh favorites on cloud icon press not just main tab fixed
* Fixed missing "none" option in script dropdown on object properties dialog in world editor panel
* When keypressing in chat window, we now ignore WASD/arrow/pgup pgdn key inputs for player movement while inputting commands or chat text
* Favorite button lightup/value bugfix
* Fixed issue when dropping an object into a scene it wasn't showing up the first time
* Scene Editor when properties input boxes are focused, dont move editor cam - fixed
* Chat messages die after 10 minutes, will not disappear from users that were in the room when sent though
* Worked on elbow pole positions for IK and other IK misc issues, still needs some more adjusting but WAY better
* Added public/private and pg/adult toggles on world list when going into world edit panel
* Added strafing walk mode toggle for VR mode (left X button toggles it on and off)
* Jumping fixed, added button for it in VR (left trigger)

Private-alpha testing started for SapphireXR

We have opened alpha testing to a private group of about 25 people. The video belows highlights many of the features and details of the current SapphireXR build. Some of the cool things this seedling of a virtual worlds social platform that are already implemented include:

A networked user-created scripting system. Users can upload scripts they write using our own variant of CSCS and allow control of scene objects, wearables, avatars, emotes, vehicles, particles, skyboxes, etc. -- all in realtime across all users connected to that scene. There are also buffering parameters so that, for example, any events sent with the RPC() functions will be repeated in order received, for users that join later

HUD systems for scripting - HUD systems are currently supported for desktop mode via the scripting system, VR mode is still being worked on Clothing adjustments via Outfit editing panel, finally bleed thru between clothing items and/or avatar can be smoothed out

Lipsyncing on avatars has been implemented, facial expressions and blinking will be added soon

Particle systems - we can now create semi-advanced particle systems via the editor panel for particles and we can spawn them on scene objects via a script and we can spawn them in world attached to our avatar if the scene owners has that feature enabled for the world. Trail effect (optional) is great for making water or fluids that will flow around collisions in the scene

Built-in scene editor - yep, it works - there is a seperate editor panel for uploading scene objects and managing their materials

Marketplace - there is a basic version of a functioning marketplace already live, however cashing out and buying coins is not enabled yet as well as a few other 'My Account' features

Water shader - we now have a special shader for turning a texturized plane model into realistic looking animated 3d water

Mediascreens - currently only plays YouTube videos, however chromium integration is in the works. There is also now a media screen shader in the scene object editor panel

Multiple sitpoints on scene objects, static, dynamic and animated objects now work, choose the right transform in the object hiearchy window in the scene editor to add sitpoints and spotlights onto animated sub meshes

Basic IK system - users can now move theirs arms and head with SteamVR supported headsets and the movement is serialized across all clients connected in the scene in real time

Realtime voice - fully functional

Animated vehicle system - if the scene owners has the feature enabled, users can spawn vehicles they upload or grab from the market place and drive them with up to 3 other users riding as passengers depending on the sitpoint properties in the vehicle editor panel

Flying avatars - avatars can fly using page up/page down and stop by pressing the "Stop Flying" UI overlay button, but only if the scene owner has the feature enabled